paint colours

The following colours are the most popular choices by customers, but we can paint in any of the many other colours that are available from the Farrow & Ball range.
Please note that the colours on the screen will not demonstrate a true representation so we would always advise that you acquire a Farrow & Ball colour chart to view the colours accurately (these can be picked up for free from Homebase).
Cooking Apple Green Slipper Satin Mouse's Back Lime White Old White 
Cooking Apple Green Slipper Satin         Charleston Gray          Lime White               Old White
French Gray Shaded White  Cream Mouse's BackSkimming Stone
   French Gray            Shaded White                Cream               Mouse’s Back      Skimming Stone
Elephant's Breath Dix Blue Parma Gray Vert De Terre Clunch
 Elephant’s Breath           Dix Blue               Parma Gray            Vert de Terre              Clunch
Hardwick White String Pavilion Gray Off-White Railings